basia bulat nominated for polaris prize, two u.s. appearances
    • MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010

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    Toronto-based Basia Bulat is making two U.S. appearances in the near future. She's been nominated (again) for Canada's Polaris Music Prize, alongside Broken Social Scene, Crystal Castles, and The New Pornographers, to mention a few of the big names. You can see the preliminary list here, and look out for the short list July 6th and the winner September 20th.

    Singer-songwriter and master of almost countless instruments, Bulat will be playing Central Park Summerstage on August 1st and Austin City Limits on October 9th. Her most recent album, Heart Of My Own, uses more varied instrumentation than past works, so live shows should be pretty cool &mdash Basia sings and plays the autoharp, banjo, ukelele, piano, and more on the album, calling on her brother and friends to bring the rest. Check out the title track below. -selden paterson

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    Guest Apartment: Basia Bulat
    MP3: "Heart Of My Own"
    Basia Bulat on Myspace

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