GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Ben Talmi Shows Us How To Make 'Play' Using Moog Mother 32
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    As soon as Ben Talmi played that first Moog tone at his studio in Brooklyn, I immediately thought of Jimmy Tamborello's (The Postal Service, Dntel) and his synthetic computer music. His analogy of the analog synthesizer to an acoustic instrument is a very interesting take, as the sounds created through the Moog are as natural as a finger plucking a string, opposed to a visual synthesizer with thousands of stored, pre-created sounds. The type of Moog and variety of settings change the timbre of the instrument, similar to different guitars can be paired with different amps.

    This synth's role in Ben Talmi's "Play" is vital. It creates an eerie, slightly atonal intro that matches Ben's chance lyrics. The sudden chorus retaliates the synth based verses. It's neat to gain some perspective in his process of chopping the longer sequence into only four pitches (with the assistance of David Monks of Tokyo Police Club). A large portion of modern indie-pop music thrives on digital instrumentation, but Ben Talmi chose to produce a more authentic, analog sound.

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