10 Times LANY Made Us Swoon
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Love has proven to be a touchy subject for many people, and because of that we are presented with two kinds of people. The first kind can be described as the bitter individuals who despise everything related to love (the only time you'll see them participating in Valentine's Day festivities is when all of the leftover candy is 80% off). These people often find themselves dodging phone calls from their mom, aunts, and grandmothers who are only concerned about why they aren't married yet and when children will be on the way. On the flip side, we have the hopeless romantics who can recite the Notebook word for word and believe that Titanic was a romance film–even though we all know Jack didn't have to die and if Rose really loved him, he wouldn't have. Should I have put a spoiler alert there? Have people really not seen Titanic at this point? Anyway. We tend to like these hopeless romantics much more than the Negative Nancy type people–they're a lot more fun at parties and they're sure to have some quality LANY tracks on all of their playlists.

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    LANY is a L.A. based pop band who are best known for creating the dreamiest music possible. The trio consists of Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest and was formed a short time ago in early 2014. LANY began gaining widespread popularity when their painfully precious love song "ILYSB" made its way to the ears of many, including some big acts such as Troye Sivan and Halsey who later brought the band along to join them on their respective tours. In the short time that they have been together, LANY has released four EPs, the most recent of which being 2016's kinda. The band's debut self-titled album is out on Friday, June 30th and we couldn't be more pumped. LANY makes music for those who are both in and out of love, but when they're in love they are really in love. Just so you know what to expect from LANY, we've come up with a compilation of 10 times the starry-eyed trio have made us swoon with their words.

    1. "You are my favorite everything / Been telling you that since 2015 / Shut up, I love you / You're my best friend."

    Have you ever read something so precious that it makes your heart ache a little? She's his favorite everything–there are a lot of things in the world, and his favorite is her. I mean, imagine someone writing something like this about you AND presenting it in a song as dreamy and carefree as "pink skies." Wow. In other news, I am now accepting applications from anyone who wants to tell me cute stuff like this on a regular basis. Compensation includes lots of hugs, kisses, and pink heart with stars emojis.

    2. "We can work it out / You and I are meant to be together / This is how it's supposed to feel / I'm in love with how this feels."

    Another delightfully sweet lyric from "pink skies" that acknowledges that love is an uphill battle at times. Not to worry, this story has a happy ending where the lovers work everything out and live happily ever after because they're super in love and love can fix anything, apparently. Seriously, though, these lyrics sound like they were pulled straight out of a fairytale–only, in this one, there are no signing birds or evil witches. This may make for a less eventful tale, but also for a much cuter one. You win some you lose some.

    3. "We could hang all day forget the future / I'm here right now just be here right now with me."

    "quit" is all about living in the moment and appreciating what's in front of you while it's there. We all know how terrifying the future can be, especially when it comes to love. Relationships are destined to follow one of two paths: you either spend the rest of your life with the person you're with or you break up. Choose your battle, or follow LANY's path and just ignore the future altogether. I think I'd pick the latter, it's no secret that my favorite thing to do is avoid my responsibilities and not have to confront reality.

    4. "Grab your coat / The sun sets right at 6:35 tonight / Gets kinda cold, but I wanna hold ya / Please tell me that's alright."

    This is only the first lyric of "like you lots" and it embodies just how lovely the song is as a whole. This line is such a goal: get you a significant other who will watch the sunset with you. It doesn't count if they want to watch the sunrise because that requires you having to get out of bed at an obscenely early time and it'll be even colder outside. No one is on board for that–no matter how much holding is going on.

    5. "Ain't never felt this way / Can't get enough so stay with me / It's not like we got big plans / Let's drive around town holding hands."

    Oh, what are you spending your night doing? Overeating pizza and Ben & Jerry's while binge watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix alone? Cool, sounds like a good time and everything, but driving around with no destination while holding hands with a cute musician who'll write songs like "ILYSB" for you sounds a whole lot better. Just saying.

    6."Turn off the lights, come and lay with me / Write your name on my hand, just like we're seventeen / Orange through the blinds, the sun is almost down / It's just a matter of time, until we run this town."

    "Made in Hollywood" is such a youthful song full of hope and ambition. Running a whole town sounds like a lot of work, but anything is possible when you're young and in love, right? LANY's easygoing and airy tone makes you believe so, which means that it must be true. It's like the lovers here are in their own little world where they're the only ones who matter, and this may seem dangerous but they're so innocently in love that it really just doesn't matter.

    7. We would pass notes in science / And I would end 'em with a heart / We would pass the extra time in / The back of my beat-up car."

    LANY uses "It Was Love" to go back to the happenings of a relationship between two 16 year olds, and from the past tense used in the title we know beforehand that it doesn't end well. Nevertheless, we can enjoy the reminiscent aspects of the song that are positive and explore the unblemished hearts of these young lovers. Love notes were definitely a thing of middle school in my experiences, and if you got caught passing them your teacher would make you read them aloud to the class. I wonder if the notes being passed then were as poetic as LANY's lyrics now?

    8. "Baby I just love the way you love me / And how you dance with me throughout the night / Baby won't you stay awhile or maybe forever, alright?"

    "4EVER!" has one of the cutest choruses in the world. Awhile is a little vague when it comes to a topic like this, so why waste time with numerical expressions when you can settle for forever. Go big or go home, am I right? I know, I know, that's a long commitment–but time is fake anyway so who cares? Also, dancing through the night–talk about a summer dream. I'd be really disappointed if I found out that LANY doesn't dance the night away to their own music. You can't make music like this and not dance to it yourself.

    9. "You sent me letters / Oh they smell like your perfume / And when I read them / I swear you're in the room."

    She sent him letters! No one does that anymore! How cute! Honestly, what a way to manage long distance relationships. Mail correspondence eliminates ever having to worry about losing the messages someone sent you just because you forgot to backup your phone. Maybe one day pigeon mail can make a comeback. Actually, on second thought, I can see that ending in two pigeons getting mixed up and delivering the wrong letters to the wrong place and in turn destroying not one, but two relationships. We should probably leave the birds out of it, but I'm still all for perfume sprayed letter sending.

    10. "Dancing in the light of a canyon sun / Racing every wave / Going North on the one / The promises we made / I still haven't changed."

    "Good Girls" draws its focus to a past relationship that just didn't work out due to the distance between the couple. In this lyric, Paul recalls the times they used to spend together and reminds her of the fact that he's kept all of his promises. There's something extra special about keeping the secrets and promises of someone who you're no longer with, and it shows that maybe not all hope is lost for the two lovers. The flame hasn't burned out just yet.

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