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    • MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

    • Posted by: Elana Ehrenberg

    When C.S. Lewis wrote "Out of the Silent Planet" in 1938, the first in a sci-fi trilogy of his, he did it because of a conversation with J.R.R. Tolkien lamenting the current state of fiction. When Jamison, aka Teen Daze, created his new EP A Silent Planet, he did it because he was moved by what C.S. Lewis had written over 70 years later. In an e-mail interview, Jamison answered a few of our questions about the new EP out August 9th, his music writing process, and upcoming plans.

    On A Silent Planet Teen Daze has tried to recreate the wonder and mysticism that the story's main character Dr. Ransom experienced on his first encounters on a strange planet by re-contextualizing literal visual images from C.S. Lewis' novel through sound. "When you read the novel, your imagination creates these visual images, and I tried my best to take what I saw, and turn it into sound... I did my best not to just re-tell the story, but lyrically the album does speak to some of the important themes in the book," says Jamison. The EP progresses similarly to the novel as well, starting off with foreign sounds and feeling very claustrophobic, eventually reaching complacency and peacefulness towards the end — "In fact the last line of the album is 'I've found a home, in you'."

    Teen Daze began writing music at a very young age, having been surrounded by it for most of his life. By the time he was in 10th grade he began experimenting with electronic music. He wrote an entire album's worth of songs when he got his hands on a simple loop based software called "MTV Music Generator." Since then he has been continuously experimenting sonically, with, as he revealed to me usually "writing with nature in mind... living where I do, I'm surrounded by a lot of nature, so I tend to let it dictate a lot of my writing." With this new EP in particular, Teen Daze moved away from hazy, synth pop of his last EP and needed to create new sounds and a new feel to capture the experience of exploring a vast new place. While it's not like any of the other music he's produced so far, he hopes listeners will understand what he saw while writing these songs.

    Aside from the upcoming EP, Teen Daze launched his own digital label, Cultus Vibes, earlier this year. Made up of a solid group of artists, they're all beginning to collaborate and feel comfortable involving one another in each other's projects. They all remix each other's stuff, and "if there's any way that we can help someone out with their art, we're all very willing to do so." When asked what else Teen Daze was excited about lately, he replied, "I get to play some really great festivals this summer, and I'm really excited to share some new songs with everyone!" We're excited too. Check out the first track "Surface" off his A Silent PlanetEP out August 9th on Waaga Records below.

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    MP3: "Surface"

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