album review: my morning jacket:: evil urges
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2008

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    There’s always been something slightly slimy about pigeon holing My Morning Jacket. Yes, Louisville KY’s native sons did kick their career off with three recorded efforts that played like whiskey soaked forays into the heart of Southern rock; discs that never sounded entirely like Skynyrd, yet somehow felt authentically close (even more so when the band churned their way through a rendition of “Free Bird” in Cameron Crowe’s 2005 flick Elizabethtown). But Jim James has never seemed completely comfortable with such Southern touchstones, and the assemblage of musicians surrounding him too talented to be one dimensional. Splayed with bits of dub, reggae, and soul, their ’05 album Z felt like the final swan song of their still mostly Southern sounding pedigree. The writing was on the wall. My Morning Jacket could do something different…something extreme even...Keep Reading... - David Pitz

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