Burning Like A 'Wildfire' With Scavenger Hunt
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Here's a type of song that I never thought I'd hear: one that's equal parts chillwave and Wilson Phillips. And while it may not sound like something you need in your life, trust me; you do. We had a chance to chat with synthpop act Scavenger Hunt about their newest track, "Wildfire," and I'm about to give it my patented Don Saas seal of approval: I wish their track was on Spotify already because I'd be blasting it all summer. It starts out on a subdued but catchy note with its simple refrain of "boys like you/ girls like me." But the song keeps slowly building til it reaches full 90s dance pop glory. It's the sort of track you blast as you roll down the top on your car and speed down the highway at a velocity that's maybe just over the speed limit.

    Be sure to check out the track and our conversation with Scavenger Hunt below.

    Is there a unique story behind the inspiration for Wildfire?

    Jill Lamoureux: "Wildfire" was written in LA the day before I was flying home to Wichita, KS. "Wildfire" was inspired by that feeling of youthful freedom. The bittersweet nostalgia for the people and the places that helped shape you, as a kid. We wanted to write an uplifting jam, and the song just sort of formed itself - the music lending itself to the lyrics. It's just a feeling and a memory every single person has. It's universal.

    I read that your band name, Scavenger Hunt, is referring to new opportunities while scavenging the LA business scene. It sounds chaotic; what keeps you focused?

    What keeps us focused is that we genuinely love the music that we write. We obsessively loved music as kids. We are constantly listening to music, new and old, for inspiration. It's what we love.

    What has your experience been like trying to distinguish yourself in the very crowded electro-pop genre/culture?

    What distinguishes us is our live show! Unlike a lot of bands in our genre, we don't rely heavily on backing tracks and playback. Scavenger Hunt is a live band. We jam and allow the music and vibe to lead us live. We don't just want to play; our goal is to put on a great show that takes the audience. We really focus on it as an energetic, real musical experience. We're a 4 piece and I get to sing with the best musicians out there, in my opinion. I love watching them play.

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