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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 02, 2010

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    Beach-punk outfit Wavves,led by the polarizing Nathan Williams (who is as famous for his offstage activities as his actual music), have finally released some details on their upcoming album for Fat Possum.

    Williams, joined by the late Jay Reatard's rhythm section on his latest venture, promises cleaned-up production and more collaborative songwriting on the tracks that comprise the appropriately titled King of the Beach. In his own words: "A lot more effort went into this than with previous Wavves records". The few tracks that have made the rounds on the interwebz ("Cool Jumper", "Mickey Mouse")sound great and indicate that the new direction the band is taking will be fruitful.

    But can King of the Beach make the Wavves haters stop hating? We'll have to wait and see. For now, take a glance at the tracklist and drugged-out cover art. -ben krusling

    King of the Beach:

    1. King Of The Beach
    2. Super Soaker
    3. Idiot
    4. When Will You Come?
    5. Post Acid
    6. Take On The World
    7. Baseball Cards
    8. Convertible Balloon
    9. Green Eyes
    10. Mickey Mouse
    11. Linus Spacehead
    12. Baby Say Goodbye

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    MP3: "Cool Jumper" (King of the Beach)
    Wavves on Myspace

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