stream: twilight eclipse soundtrack
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 02, 2010

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    Whether or not you are into the struggle of young adult woman and their choices between necrophilia and bestiality, the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack is somehow full of hilariously relevant bands, who through some sort of alternate universe all decided to compose original material (except Muse, AGAIN!). Now you can hear the whole thing on the album's website. It's pretty good! Except for the Twilight part, of course.

    Go listen. You know you want to, a little bit (TWSS). At least Twilight knows what it is, and isn't pretending to be a political statement FOR violence, or something vaguely stupid like that. No one is that silly!

    The soundtrack is only streaming for 24 hours, so hurry up before the Vampire Council banishes our heroes to Narnia, where they must defeat the dark Wizard Papa Smurf in a lightsaber game of Bop It. It's going to be a short game!

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