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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 02, 2010

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    If you only listen to the first three tracks on the Villagers' debut album, Becoming A Jackal, you might find yourself preparing for an ever-escalating energy building up inside a bubble that simply can't wait to pop. To the dismay of some and perhaps the delight of others, it never does. By the time we approach mid-album, the band all but boycotts any hints of snare drum they'd dropped along the misty, somewhat eerie path they've led us down, while simultaneously taking everything else down however many notches you need to go to become, well, a little dreary. It seems the Villagers want to take the listener further into their vaguely haunting wilderness. The question is, how long will we follow before deciding to turn back?

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    MP3: "Becoming A Jackal" (Becoming A Jackal)
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