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    • MONDAY, JUNE 02, 2008

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    If you were really into that new Sigur Rós track we talked about last week, and you like tranquilizers and androgynous vocals, you might find this band from Calgary interesting.

    Azeda Booth is kind of an interesting aesthetic. It brings to mind words like "fragile" and "beautiful," as well as "pulsating" and certainly "weird." The kicker is the vocals; these guys are continually crooning in a falsetto that is kind of both intriguing and unsettling. Many songs are slow and sinking with clear instrumental sedation. Then the sound changes, and the music sounds a bit like "Gobbledigook," as rhythmic, tribal drum beats erupt and groove. Then the sound retreats again, and starts to sound like a Death Cab For Cutie side project where Ben lets Foals do the final mix (or something). Overall a pretty eclectic sound while still being cohesive.

    The band is pretty under the radar as of right now, but it seems like big things could be on the horizon. After all, they just opened for Battles and will play with Deerhunter later this month (albeit in their hometown in Alberta). Their debut album is in the works and ready for a late July release, so keep an ear out. -joe puglisi

    Azeda Booth Dates
    6/15 - Emmedia w/ WOMEN - Calgary, Alberta
    6/21 - Olympic Plaza w/ NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL & CONSONANT C - Calgary, Alberta
    6/26 - Sled Island w/ DEERHUNTER - Calgary, Alberta

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