Know Who's NEXT: 8 Bands You Should Be Blasting This Summer
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    Who you should be jamming to with the windows down and the wind in your hair:

    From us to you, we put together a list of our favorite Baeble bands that we predict will make a lot of noise this summer. No need to thank us, it's our job. But you're welcome. Over the years we have filmed everyone on this list in some capacity, so this is also a good chance to revisit some incredible throwback Baeble sessions and concerts...enjoy.

    A R I Z O N A

    A lovable trio of New Jersey bros…who kind of, sort of, maaaybe sound like Toto at times. We're freaking serious. Just listen to "Cross My Mind" and tell me you don't hear hints of "Africa" swirling about in the synthy-pop goodness. The band will be heading out on an arena tour supporting Panic! At the Disco this summer, which is a huge opportunity to play to tens of thousands every single night.

    Now, Now

    This rock duo tells passionate stories of lost-love and heartache through their lyrics. Their nostalgic synth-pop bangers were pretty much made to be blasted in a car with all of the windows down. For anyone going on a road trip this summer, add Now, Now to your playlist.

    Chelsea Cutler

    Her distinct sound and unique collaborations have raised her profile going into Summer '18, so she is definitely one to watch.

    Matt Nathanson

    Matt Nathanson recently released an EP of Def Leppard covers, a huge risk but fun and very on brand for this irreverent musician.


    While SOFI TUKKER can't really be considered "next", their jungle-pop tracks like "Drinkee" and "Best Friend" will be playing on repeat this summer.


    Their session with us was unreal. We were shocked by how good everything sounded and how NICE they were! These are some of the best people and most talented musicians on the planet. We won't be surprised if their upcoming album makes some serious noise.

    Jade Bird

    Jade Bird is a 20-year-old British singer-songwriter who happens to have one of the most remarkable voices we've encountered in some time. We officially fell hard for her Something American EP, which she released last year…and newest singles "Lottery" and "Furious" have us falling ever-more in love. With love form NPR, Clash, and yours truly, she's officially one to watch this summer.


    These Australian dudes just have that THING about them. Call it charisma, call it 'the x-factor', call it whatever - these guys have it. They played an acoustic session with us the day their latest single, "Violet City", came out. Literally, it dropped moments after they finished playing their set and we huddled together and listened at our computers. If this song doesn't pop this summer, don't be surprised if you're suddenly hearing another one of their latest songs come blasting through your television/radio.

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