U2 Brings 'The Joshua Tree' to Philly For One Epic Performance
    • MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Mark Brown

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    Anniversary shows have become a great (and trendy) way to connect with the fans on tour. Announce to the world that you're playing a particular album and boom, you're set. It's that simple and in most cases, financially awesome (for the artist, of course). Tom Petty is currently on tour celebrating his 40th anniversary. Rock Hall of Famers Rush recently celebrated their album Moving Pictures. The Police, Pearl Jam, Bad Boy Records and many others have all done it in some way shape or form. So when U2 announced their new world wide tour of The Joshua Tree in celebration of its 30th anniversary, it was show not to be missed.

    The moment drummer Larry Mullen Jr's iconic drum beat in the opening song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" started blaring, the members of U2 - Bono, The Edge, and bassist Adam Clayton - joined the stage one by one, centered in the middle of Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night (AKA Father's Day). 50,0000 strong in attendance were about to lose their minds. An iconic song in its own right, one that doesn't need to be analyzed and dissected for its strong lyrics and meaning, but because its one of those songs that just sticks with your forever. You hear that beat and you're instantly fired up and excited. The anniversary party had officially begun and U2 continued with "New Year's Day," "Bad," and "Pride (In The Name of Love)" before even hearing a song from Joshua Tree.

    U2 Philadelphia

    The vibe takes a turn when "Where The Streets Have No Name" begins and everyone suddenly is a part of the The Joshua Tree. If you were to pick just one album in their entire catalog, The Joshua Tree is what catapulted U2 into the stadium-filling rock band that they are today. The band makes it back to the main stage and begins to perform in one of the largest stage set-ups ever and the next hour or so is all about The Joshua Tree. They sound almost perfect, they sound tight, and it's exactly what we expected.

    Although it was fun to look at, the giant video screen in the background didn't work for the crowd. It felt like U2 was performing for the jumbotron rather than the audience at times and left me staring at the screen more than the band. Maybe they looked so small because I was drawn to the enormity of the stage, but I just didn't connect with it.

    U2 Philadelphia

    This is a must see show for sure. U2 sounds better then ever and every song they play is an iconic staple. Just prep yourself for the sheer size of the production. Those of you sitting in the upper tiers will be very happy with the stage screen, but it's the one thing that actually managed to make one of the largest bands in the world seem so tiny…

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    U2 Philadelphia

    U2 Philadelphia

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