That's a Wrap: Polica Soundcheck Session
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It was such an eerie feeling — wandering the corridors of a hollow Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's a setting that your rarely get to experience without fellow spectators nor the deafening pulses of bass that reach even its most distant corners. Prior to meeting up with our crew who had been arming the venue with gear and cameras to film the pre-show soundcheck, I made my way down to the vacant basement for a pre-shoot bathroom break. The entire building was on mute as I stood there alone. It felt as if I was seven years old again, terrified of the family cellar, just waiting for the opportunistic ghost to...BOOM! I nearly fumbled my cell phone into the toilet below; luckily my unreliable reflexes prevailed. But it wasn't a ghost, ghoul, or even a prank-friendly coworker that caused this soul-startling thud — it was our reason for being there: Polica.

    As I wandered up to the main floor and the walls of the building continued to rumble, I thought back to the times I had listened to the Minneapolis-based group's records. This couldn't be the same band who released such smooth grooves on Give You The Ghost (2012) and Shulamith (2013). But when I entered the main room and witnessed the energy emanating from the two full drum kits helmed by Drew Christopherson, Ben Ivascu, bassist Chris Bierden, and fairy-like frontwoman Channy Leaneagh, I knew I immediately that I had ignorantly considered this act to be unassuming. Contrasting the immense rhythm section was the little lady with a voice and theatrical presence more comparable to her towering shadow that overlooked the empty theater. Polica is a band that you need to see to see live in order to fully grasp their vigor and talent, and we were lucky enough to do just that, and we did it with a camera crew.

    Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to catch our Soundcheck Session with Polica. Until then, you can check out our photos of the session below, and get your hands on a copy of their latest album Shulamith here.

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