Album Review: The Hives
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    What makes The Hives so cool? It might be their immaculate matching suits, or their fittingly absurd stage names. It might be their accents. But primarily, The Hives are continually engrossing because they do exactly what they want to do. The liner notes from their new album say it all, "From an original idea by The Hives. Based on a true story about The Hives. By for with and because of The Hives. Cover concept by The Hives. Liner notes by The Hives. Special thanks to The Hives." They're not out for a late-career victory lap, or to spawn a new fad sub-genre. They're making rock music, and doing it with a determination to be faster, louder, and more sinister than anyone else out there and with their fifth full-length, Lex Hives, The Hives do not disappoint.

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