t.g.i.mixtape: volume 19
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009

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    Have no fear, the mixtape is here! We were almost tempted to make this week's mixtape (the 19th volume in our T.G.I.Mixtape series) double sided as we have so much great new music that we are dying to share with you, but we managed to control ourselves. 20 amazing songs all at once could be a bit overwhelming for some, so instead sit back, relax and concentrate on these 10 gems until next Friday when we will have 10 more new ones for you. Have a great weekend! -Greg Lozoff

    1. Shout Out Louds - "Tonight I Have To Leave It"

    Kicking us off this week we have Shout Out Louds' "Tonight I Have To Leave It". I know it isn't exactly new but this is just an amazing song from an incredible album. Anybody else think that they sound kind of like The Cure? Maybe not musically, but the vocals definitely have some Robert Smith in them.

    2. YACHT - "Psychic City"

    "Don't fight the darkness. Bring the light and darkness will disappear". This is a statement on Portland duo, YACHT's official website. If "Psychic City", the first single from their debut album, See Mystery Lights is any judge, that statement is just what YACHT is set out to do. But what we really want to know is what's with all the triangles?

    3. Sunset Rubdown - "You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)"

    How talented are these Wolf Paraders? Besides their duties with the band, three of the members are also part of extremely successful side projects. Handsome Furs, Swan Lake and Frog Eyes are all household names in the indie music scene but perhaps the most well known is Sunset Rubdown, who are days away from releasing their fourth LP, entitled Dragonslayer. "You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)" is a bouncy track led by Spencer Krug's recognizable wail and is just one of many great tracks on this Baeble recommended album.

    4. The Howling Bells - "Cities Burning Down"

    This one is off of The Howling Bells latest album, Radio Wars. The sultry vocals are provided by the beautiful and talented Juanita Stein, who not only sings wonderfully all over the album, but plays guitar as well. Glenn Moule, Brendan Picchio and Joel Stein round out the rest of the lineup. It's when these Ausies join together that the magic happens in creating dark and haunting rock anthems perfect for that misty, rainy day.

    5. We Were Promised Jetpacks - "Roll Up Your Sleeves"

    This one is just a rollicking good time provided by Edinburgh, Scotland band, We We Were Promised Jetpacks. You can find this one on the band's debut album, which was released but three days ago. These Frightened Rabbit label mates are gaining fans around the world by the day so keep an ear out for these guys.

    6. The Weepies - "Hideaway"

    Another album that we are loving these days is The Weepies latest, Hideaway. There is just something so sweet and innocent about these guys that makes listening to their music so much fun. Don't be confused by their name. While singer songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen write music that is full of heart and emotion, it certainly doesn't make you weepy. Instead, it seems to fill you with joy at every hook.

    7. Mos Def - "Casa Bey"

    Many people were excited to find out that Eminem was coming out with a new album after a five year hiatus. I don't know why, but Mos Def's comeback album just seems like bigger news. "Casa Bey" is the last song on the album and on it we have Mos Def rapping along to some old school, game show like background music. Looks like Mister Def hasn't lost his touch.

    8. Tim Hecker - "Borderlands"

    This one sort of washes over you like waves in the sea. The song is called "Borderlands and it can be found on Tim Hecker's latest album, An Imaginary Country. The album has also just been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize, which is the Canadian equivalent of London's prestigious Mercury Prize. Whether or not Hecker will take the prize is uncertain as he is up against some pretty solid Canadian talent, but he definitely has a shot. The winner will be announced on September 21, so stay tuned.

    9. These United States - "Honor Amongst Thieves"

    These United States have been getting a lot of play around these parts. We were even lucky enough to have these guys perform as a part of our "Busking With Baeble" series, in Washington Square Park only a few weeks ago. Washington Square Park is usually a popular place for buskers to jam, but I think the talent level went up exponentially when These United States took the square. Click here to check out that performance of this very song!

    10. Drug Rug - "Never Tell"

    Taking us out this week is Cambridge, Massachusetts' Drug Rug. And look at that, they too have a new record coming out on July 28th, entitled Paint the Fence Invisible. It really feels as if these guys are coming straight at us out of the 60's, mixing elements of blues, country and straight up rock and roll, resulting in songs like this excellent first single, "Never Tell".

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