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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009

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    Swedish singer songwriter Ella Blixt is involved in a number of musical projects, like Bobby and Blumm or the no-guitars indiepop outfit, It's a Musical, and of course, her earliest project as herself, Bobby Baby. Her songs are without irony but plenty of guitars on clouds, electronica air pop from dreams, nostalgia flavored, as pretty to listen to as they are to consider. But when you do consider them, they linger, with a timeless space to them, not just pop songs but pop songs with a character, a girl sitting crossed legged in your bedroom, strumming an invisible guitar or robin's egg blue mini keyboard, and these easy songs floating patterns on the wall, while the girl stares with her big dark eyes, and reminds you of every lost opportunity, every lover gone past and every unwritten one of the future. Little moments in snapshots tacked on the wall.

    Ella might have turned her attention away from Bobby Baby to her newer projects with accompanying members, but her original songs perfectly captures those warm winter afternoons, soft summer evenings and cold spring mornings, a fog of memories and melody and voice made of doves. Visit her website for more about all of her projects, and download all the quintessential songs she recorded as Bobby Baby, for free. Especially the stuck-on-repeat worthy, bubbled romance calls and echoes of "Lucky Moments," the slide and tickle of the regret painted, painfully sweet "Not 3 Times but 5 Times" or the film score appropriate, storyline laced "In Ten Years From Now." You're welcome. -Laura Yan
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