better know an atjf band: pattern is movement
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 2008

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    Remember those guys we called grizzly bears? And mountain men? Well they are also (surprisingly) an up and coming minimalist indie rock duo, and yes, you guessed it, they will be sharing the main stage with Health and Titus Andronicus. They also look like they belong in the woods chugging maple syrup... but speaking of syrup, their jams are sweet and sticky. Say hello to Pattern Is Movement.

    Hailing from Philadelphia, these guys are anything but label-able. As we said: "singer/keyboardist Andrew Thiboldeaux and drummer Chris Ward chum up some serious pop smarts within the seems of their bizarre, musical sputters." Their music can be stacked up against the chop masters Animal Collective, or even Yeasayer. In exchange for a constant groove, or maybe twang guitar, these guys favor math-rock and layers of avant garde... not to mention some seriously spacy vocals. The album (which we liked) is both accessible, and unique (a rare combo these days). Let's hope it translates into the live setting. -joe puglisi

    Pattern Is Movement at After The Jump
    6/21 - MHOW, doors at 7:30 PM

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    MP3: Pattern is Movement:: “Right Away” - from all together
    Pattern Is Movement on MySpace

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