Watch Delta Rae's Studio Stunner
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Sometimes our job is pretty surreal. We find ourselves in beautiful places around this crazy, chaotic city of ours, with bands sharing songs and conversation for our eyes/ears only. But, we also have cameras and microphones and audio recorders. We want to share these Closed Set, close encounters with as many people as possible.

    A couple months back we invited North Carolina-based band Delta Rae by a beautiful daylight studio in Long Island City Queens for a Closed Set Session. In conversation, Eric Holljes and Liz Hopkins told us restlessness is a theme that fires through their newest album, After It All. Its a quality captured in our session as well. Here, the band rolls through a round robin of lead singers on each track, each offering their own unique tones and textures and emotions. Tracks like "Run", "Scared", and office favorite "Chasing Twisters" are cinematic, streaking for the stratosphere, while still ultimately grounded in their Southern American roots. This is music that will make you want to move.

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