Neo Disco Theft and Deviance With RALPH
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    A bombastic bass riff is all it takes for "Trouble" to shake the foundations of modern synth pop. It shudders and maneuvers across the drum track, booming with its reminiscence of classic 80s tunes. With synth pop and other types of nostalgic electronica pullulating America's boundaries since the late 2000's, it has become increasingly harder to stand out with just vintage drum machines. But with RALPH's succulent, jazzy vocal style, she subtly reforms the style with ease and nuance.

    Though RALPH's vocals come off as docile and acquiescent, the video takes a radical turn in showcasing more deviant operations. Money, seduction, and a packed convertible align to create some serious drama along with our fashionable protagonists robbing a gas station convenience store. RALPH, sporting dark raccoon eyes and strutting parking lots in her black leather jacket, accents the more sinister tones of her debut single with diminutive spurts of visual chaos, rejecting any presumed tranquillity I had upon first listen.

    She often is shown staring hauntingly and breaking vases throughout the video which is to say RALPH is a force to be reckoned with. Accruing similarities from dance-punk bands like Friends to pop artists like Haim and Twin Shadow, RALPH stands out for her duality: a menacing, grandiose production style with a sultry vocal elegance. Get the debut single "Trouble" out now.

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