Natalie Prass Revels in Color On 'Bird Of Prey'
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Natalie Prass's "Bird of Prey" is uniquely languorous; its nostalgic and romantic while viscerally enrapturing us with her saccharine vocals and quintessential narrative of lost love. This tale, though, is anything but sorrowful. Everything in Prass's dictionary is colorful and poignant which is wonderfully mimicked in her new music video. Whether sporting a bright red turtleneck or ducking from pendulous green houseplants, her melodious voice remains front and center.

    The music video is full of eclectic items: parasols, silk folding fans, a disembodied lamp, you name it. Their stagnant colors are carefully contrasted with the vibrant backdrops of greens, blues, and yellows while Prass moves charismatically to the beat of her own creation. Anonymous entities enter and exit the space holding pillows or offering nonchalant choreography, giving an idealized focus and personhood to Prass as she performs throughout the video.

    In the midst of pom poms and blue bubblegum, the most persistent part of the video is Natalie's energy and merriment. "I love you but oh no/you won't let me go," she sings with a pronounced smile. While the lyrical content can come off as dreary and like other stories of an overly-attached lover, her radiance and joviality refute that wholeheartedly. She knows that this lover is no good for her and is now simply basking in the gratification of saying goodbye. No color is underrepresented during Prass's melodic soliloquy and each passing minute proves her smile remains unchanged.

    However Prass really feels about this specific love interest, she proves that there's nothing a little offbeat dancing and brights colors can't fix. Her self-titled debut album is out now.

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