Austra Bridges Musical Gaps with Mythical Appeal
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    Austra has a difficult sound to classify. Somehow between their synthesizers, heavy electronic beats, and true sirens providing vocals, a sound emerges that's so new and original you can't help but groove to it. It's like Florence + The Machine meets M83 with Led Zeppelin's fascination for fantasy and drama (in Latvian mythology, Austra is the Goddess of Light). Today this eclectic Canadian troupe released their second studio album dubbed Olympia. You can still catch them on tour as they continue through the east coast and Canada, but act fast before they head for Europe in July.

    Their Hype Hotel performance during the I Guess I'm Floating/YVYNYL party showcases the vocal capabilities of lead singer Katie Stelmanis. Her booming voice overpowers some hauntingly heavy techno beats, but compliment them in such a way that you feel like you're being transported through a light tunnel to a futuristic holy sacrifice with the three Weird Sisters from Macbeth guiding you only with their voices. Austra is uniquely attempting to bridge the gap between EDM and traditional singing, and we're ecstatic about the result.

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