Live in Cambridge, Bat For Lashes Debuts 5 New Tracks
    • MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    Late last week, one lucky crowd in Cambridge witnessed the first live performance by Bat For Lashes, after her two year hiatus from the glimmering lights of the live stage. The perpetually lovely singer/songwriter (born Natasha Kahn) treated fans to a generous five track VIP sneak peek of her upcoming album, The Haunted Man, set to be released October 15th.

    Kahn is most lauded for her music's airy romance -- but don't dismiss her just another doe-eyed, breathless indie chick. There's an intangible, other-worldy quality that sets her apart, both in her ethereal stage presence and her flawless vocal performances. Check out the fan footage below, and watch Bat For Lashes glide through our favorite new track "Marilyn." Just try not to kick yourself for missing this magical live performance.

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