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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010

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    This week I'm traveling to Texas (hence our cacti themed graphic) to do some research into how the folks in Dallas respond to independent rock and/or eat some barbecued meatstuffs. I'm obviously going to make a pilgrimage to Neon Indian's old house. But my jetting has not interfered with our ability to tell you what is HOT MUSIC. Turn it on.

    Please welcome new tape contributor Selden Peterson, who will also be making your tastes this week. The flavor of the week is RAP MUSIC (just kidding!). No Drake-sicles just yet. -joe puglisi

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    1. "You And I" - Washed Out - Adult Swim Singles Project
    I don't get Washed Out sometimes, but this song is pretty awesome and features Caroline Polachek from Chairlift (who I talked to ages ago in the BK), and it's pretty great. Brought to you FO' FREE from the Adult Swim Singles Project series sponsored by Kia (cool job, Kia!).

    2. "We Used To Wait (Radio Rip)" - Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

    This album is going to be so awesome. I can't even be un-pretentious about it. This isn't MIA you guys, this is REAL MUSIC. I'm amped! The Suburbs is out 8/3, a date that is now etched into my brain and my post-it wall.

    3. "Younger Us" - Japandroids - Younger Us 7"
    An new track from the scrappy Canadian duo who brought us the delightful garage fuzz of Post-Nothing, from their 7" series impacting in July.

    4. "Before You Judge Me" - Black Lips - Adult Swim Singles Project
    Adult Swim is kind of killing it with these curated tracks. Surrrriously.

    5. "Clock All Day" - Food Will Win the War - Live at WFMU
    A sweet recording of Food Will Win the War's fiddle-ridden folk.

    6. "Ghosting" - - Oh My Heart
    Upbeat (& Canadian) indie-pop rich with ghost-symbolism.

    7. "Gone to Jericho" - Peculiar Pretzelmen - Uncanny Eyes
    Darkish, with some funky instruments, gritty vocals and an awesome name.

    8. "Twenty Seven Strangers" - Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
    Another visitor to the Guest Apartment this week, Villagers is the musical vessel of Dubliner Conor J. O'Brien, and his debut Becoming A Jackal is a summer stunner. This tune captures O'Brien's creative, songwriting zest...somewhat macabre, but always rather lovely.

    9. "My Chariot" - The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth
    Why the whole chill wave thing hit last winter is beyond me. This is clearly a genre meant for the sizzling summer steam. The Depreciation Guild tap into a nostalgic vat of warm, guitar ambience as well as anyone. This is the first track from their newest album Spirit Youth

    10. "Tenderloni" - - The Boxer
    We threw Kele Okereke of Bloc Party up on the roof of he The Guest Apartment yesterday to present a few songs from his forthcoming solo album The Boxer. We were expecting beats and synths and a general party atmosphere...tunes like this one obviously gave us that impression. What we got was a tender acoustic duet; a surprising, yet completely unique performance we can't wait to show you a couple weeks down the road.

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