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    • THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2009

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    Feeling melancholy today, but blissful tomorrow? Seems Throw Me the Statue will have both contradicting emotions covered when they release their upcoming album Creaturesque. With somber lyrics trading shots with the band's always, lovable pop tunes, the album should be an awfully therapeutic listen when its' released on August 4th. Expect the album to coax all your desires, whether having just got off from a long, tiring day at work, or a spontaneous adventure running 'round the streets of New York.

    Word is Creaturesque marks a new stage in the life of the band. Just last year Throw Me the Statue was under the sole direction of musician/songwriter Scott Reitherman. Since that time, the Seattle band has become a quartet, adding musicians Aaron Goldman, Jarred Grimes and Charlie Smith to the fold. With a variety of instruments, including horns, guitars, synthesizers and keyboards, Throw Me The Statue straddle the sometimes challenging line between indie and pop awfully well.

    Have a listen to "Ancestors", offered below, for a taste of what we're talking about. Secretly Canadian will release Creaturesque on August 4th. A few events are currently planned and listed below. Extensive touring plans should be announced soon. - Lonnie Nemiroff


    Waving At The Shore
    Dizzy From The Fall
    Cannibal Rays
    Hi-Fi Goon
    Baby, You're Bored
    Shade For A Shadow
    The Outer Folds

    throw me the statue on tour

    Jun 18 - Listening Part - Solo Bar - seattle, Washington
    Jun 24 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR

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    MP3: Throw Me the Statue:: "Ancestors" - Creaturesque
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