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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2008

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    Everyone remember when St. Elsewhere came out, and a whole generation of twelve year olds thought Gnarls Barkley wrote a great song called "Gone Daddy Gone?" Well it was actually written by a guy named Gordon Gano, better known as the front-man for The Violent Femmes. And it's time for revenge (or just evening the score); the Femmes are releasing a cover of an infamous Gnarl's hit. And it's...well...crazy.

    "Gone Daddy Gone" came out in 1982, on the Femmes debut album (and originally featured two Xylophone solos, which Gnarls tactfully left out of their cover). So it's only fair that they tackle a song off of the Gnarls debut, in 2006. And why not the first, and most popular, of the entire album? "Crazy," originally an up-beat groove with Cee-lo's hypnotic vocals scorching overhead, has been transformed into a Femmes shuffle, with Gano's signature whine mixing with the bands harmonies, and instrumentals that are kind of like an alternative country take on the punchy bass of the original. It's actually kind of awesome. It's nice to see that even after all these years, the Femmes can still put together a sweet track. Even if it's just to get even.-joe puglisi

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