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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2008

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    Rolf Klausener is no easy nut to crack. He admits to only being able to go as far as his crooked legs can take him, then pairs such self-depreciative confessions to impressive, cinematic, nylon pluckers that skirt along to robust, percussive pulses (See “Crooked Legs”). I suppose that just makes his band, Ottawa based band The Acorn, worthy of Baeble’s praise. After all, triumph in the face of adversity is the result of perseverance. And who can’t get behind that?

    The pastoral stylings and back of the throat vocals offered on the recently released Glory Hope Mountain (Paper Bag Records) should rack up plenty of mileage for this here nut…crooked legs or not. The record was recently placed on the long list for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize, and the band recently returned home from their first ever US tour. But bands can’t quit these days; for The Acorn that means prepping both a live album for Paper Bag, and a split 7” with Ohbijou in the meantime. That later bit is happening in preparation of a fall tour of Canada and the western United States with Ohbijou. They’re also doing the festival thing this summer, and even got a little nostalgic, penning their own quiet take on Cyndi Lauper’s Goonies classic, “Good Enough”. We figure the least we can do is offer it below. – David Pitz

    The Acorn on Tour:
    July 6th - Ottawa Blues Fest
    July 11th - 13th - Winnipeg Folk Festival
    July 25th - 27th - Hillside Music Festival (Guelph, ON)
    August 1st - SappyFest (Sackville, NB)
    August 2nd - Quebec Folk Festival
    August 9th & 10th - Wolfe Island Festival (Kingston, ON)

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    MP3: The Acorn:: “Good Enough” - Cyndi Lauper Cover
    The Acorn on Myspace

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