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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2008

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    In the burgeoning market for unique music, and in a world of copycats and imitation, is there anything original left to be done? That has always been the question in the world of music, but more so today than ever before. Thus noise rock rises from the ashes of pop, and suddenly kids with tight pants and too many CD's have something to worship at the feet of: here it is, originality: form without form. Post-post-modern anti-pop. Noise. One step further and we're literally listening to white fuzz and calling it Mozart. But while we're teetering on the edge, lets meet the up and coming of noise rock: our next ATJF band, HEALTH.

    HEALTH put this LA band on the map last year, recorded at The Smell, an experimental venue in LA, and one of the band's favorite places. The self-titled spawned hits like "Crimewave," which prominently featured the bands ambiguous and vague lyrics, intricate layers of noise and rhythm, and some pretty insane drumming. Let's just say, all capital letters is more than appropriate for the output of these four guys. There is no screaming though (OK, maybe a little). Rather the noise is met with the occasional dance beat, out of place guitar whine, space-synth, distortion, and a voice that seems to observe the sound rather than lead it. Sometimes we wonder if this is what The Beatles would have devolved into, had they had another thirty years of deconstruction. Or, we're just a bunch of tight-pants wearing kids with too many CD's.-joe puglisi

    6/21 - MHOW, doors at 7:30 PM

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    MP3: HEALTH:: “Triceratops” - HEALTH
    HEALTH on Myspace

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