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    • MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2007

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    The time-honored blues guitar that crackles through the beginning of "Slow Drag" is not that of some CCR single you just blew the dust off of and dropped the needle on. Nor are the boozy back ups that give the song such a live and deliciously dated, authentic feel. And that rustic croon? Not even the work of vintage era Neil Young. In fact, if you listen for it, you could probably hear anyone of a number of classic musicians nesting in the song. But "Slow Drag" is not the work of any of these artists...It's The Izzys – a New York City four piece outfit that is happening right now…though their nod to the glorious past is obvious. A lot of bands consider themselves preservationists of bygone days. But The Izzys do the enduring music of the heartland justice by capturing it in such dignified and well worn terms. - David Pitz

    "Slow Drag" – A sneak peak from The Izzys upcoming album.

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    The Izzys Live:
    06-20 Brooklyn, NY - Luna Lounge
    07-07 New York, NY - Lakeside Lounge
    08-04 New York, NY - Lakeside Lounge

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