IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    It goes without saying that we listen to A LOT of music over the course of the work week. In Our Ears is our weekly round-up of what we couldn't stop spinning, packaged up in one nifty Spotify playlist that you can take with you into the weekend.


    Passenger "Somebody's Love"
    Michael David Rosenberg - aka Passenger is a singer-songwriter who always feels as if he's on the verge of going supernova. Seriously, his songs are so heartfelt, his melodies so memorable, and the overall vibe of his music is just waiting to be gobbled up by the big, commercial, masses. I mean, we can't listen to Ed Sheeran forever, can we? Anyway, Rosenberg released this gorgeous new single today and well, it's everything you want to hear out of a Passenger single and I'm pretty sure it will be spinning all week.

    The Tallest Man on Earth "Time of The Blue"
    A few days ago Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man On Earth shared a surprise studio version of a new song called "Time of The Blue". If his 2015 release Dark Bird Is Home showcased a more robust collection of songs, "Time of The Blue" dives back into the past...a time when The Tallest Man On Earth was one of the most thrilling, one man shows out there. Obviously, this song is steeped in emotion and longing...but what really gets me are Matsson's hands, quickly crawling all over the strings and the fretboard, like some coming, acoustic cyclone or something. It's impressive. I love this so much.

    Kaleo "Broken Bones"
    Bonus track...and more Scandinavian fare to throw at you, courtesy of Iceland's Kaleo. We met up with the band a few months back in midtown Manhattan, and this is the jam that stood out...can't say I ever thought I would hear an Icelandic band playing the American blues of the hot and humid, deep south. This is wonderful...and I'm sure will serve as the next theme song for the next great TV drama on AMC or HBO.


    Leon Bridges - "Coming Home"
    26-years-old and an unbelievable talent with a sound straight out of the doo-wop and Motown era. The harmonies and electric guitar riff on this track make me feel nostalgic for a time I didn't even live through. Rest assured, "Coming Home" speaks for itself within the first seconds of play time.

    Grace - "Hope You Understand"
    Between Meg Mac, Elle King and now Grace, I've been noticing a resurgence of a vintage sound in indie and mainstream pop that I've always been partial to. On the understated, anthemic girl's girl track, "Hope You Understand," Grace's vocals, punctuated by steady finger snaps, position this one as an instant standout.


    Twin Peaks - "Butterfly"
    Ever since I attended Bonnaroo last weekend, I've been completely infatuated with this band. For some reason I've been real hooked on their older album, Wild Onion, but I finally turned on their album that was released this year, Down In Heaven, and DAMN. It's good. "Butterfly" resonated with me the most. The vocals are killer.

    Father John Misty - "When You're Smiling and Astride Me"
    Kirsten's talking about Father John Misty again? Wow, what a surprise. Look guys, I'm sorry but I still haven't mentally left Bonnaroo yet. Misty's set was spectacular, and this song gets me every time. The gospel choir gives him that soulful edge and the romantic lyrics, "That's how you live free / Truly see and be seen," followed by more gospel wailing. Seriously, that's some heavy - but true - shit. Misty knows the secret to life.

    Andrew Bird - "Capsized"
    I love Andrew Bird, he has such a satisfyingly fresh and clean sound. "Capsized" was the first lead single on his latest album, Are You Serious, and for good reason. Melodically, it's catchy as hell, and sonically, it's pretty bare bone.. but in the most perfect way. Bird has no room for excess and uses his instruments perfectly to their extent.


    Mome - "Aloha"
    Parisian chillwave producer and composer, Mome, was touring Australia (where he now resides) via his van and met some producers and singers along the way. Vocalist, Merryn Jean was one of them and is featured on "Aloha." Retro vocals, electric guitar, bass, and an irresistible chilled-out vibe... What more do you need?

    Anderson .Paak - "Come Down"
    With the release of Anderson .Paaks second studio album Malibu, he's been on a steady uprise this year making appearances everywhere from late night shows to music festival. "Come Down" has been on repeat this week because the catchy chorus and repetitive synths. Plus, I'm anxious to watch him perform tomorrow at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens for Disclosures Wild Life.

    Louis the Child - "Strange"
    Chicago-duo, Louis the Child, has taken K. Flay's original track, "Strange," and put their own dance-twist on it and its pretty damn good. The breathy, melodic delivery fits perfectly with the electronic backdrop from Louis the Child. And the instrumental hook in the chorus is the cherry on top to complete it.

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