Death Cab For Cutie Haunts in Latest Video Release
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Death Cab for Cutie's video release for "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" features a satirical tour of Hollywood through the eyes of lead singer Ben Gibbard. The black and white video, directed by Robert Hales, portrays Los Angeles as a gloomy and desolate city, despite all of the enthusiastic tourists aboard the tour bus. The track is from the band's latest album Kintsugi. The word "kintsugi" involves the art of fixing broken pottery, and this theme of feeling broken and disenchanted among a world of seemingly glamorous houses and people is evident in the video's point of view. Gibbard sings, "You wanna teach but not be taught/you wanna sell but not be bought." These lyrics encompass the somber tone of the video and examine going through the motions of searching for something that can't be found. The clear contrast of the band's disenchantment with Beverly Hills with the tourists' blind excitement makes this piece far more interesting than those that build Los Angeles up as a dreamy vacation space.

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