The 6 Best Musical Performances From The Chappelle Show
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    The last time you heard from us about actor/comedian Dave Chappelle was when he swan dove into the audience at the Skrillex show back in February. Other than that, he's kind of had a rough road back to superstardom. Between awful rumors of crack use and being boo'd in Hartford, CT, the lights that line the road down easy street for Dave Chappelle have vanished in a heavy fog.

    And this is a guy who prides himself in not caring what people think. The guy who became the image of an album cover made by the guy he set out to make fun of. The guy who played a blind, black white supremacist in his first ever episode on TV, and the guy who if you asked him what he thought about being famous would probably throw his hands up in disinterest and ask you if you wanted to trade places. Clearly all the fame and riches were never what show business was about for the lovable old Dave Chappelle. But that's what attracted his audiences to him since day one. It was the lack of ego. The total disregard for acclaim.

    Since 2004, Chappelle's fans have been slapping their foreheads in shame because they knew he wouldn't do it himself. The story goes like this: Dave was offered a hefty sum of money in exchange for new episodes of The Chappelle Show, but instead he ditched his friends, his contract, his family, and most importantly, his fans, to travel the greater lengths of Africa in search of a more divine purpose, or for at least how he puts it, "to walk the streets and go completely unnoticed."

    But now that Dave Chappelle is beginning to fall back into his groove, he's realizing once again that he can do virtually whatever he wants. Aside for the minor setbacks, his fans still love him. The media still hypes him up as one of the best comedians in the world, and oh yeah, he's rich, bitch. And now that the sudden realization has finally dawned on him, he can continue making the unruly, slightly controversial material he's always made. Not to mention that his love for music is peppered into most of his sketches which are usually wrapped up by big named musical performers.

    So, in light of the news that Chappelle is back and will be co-headlining shows from June 18th-26th at Radio City Music Hall, it comes to no surprise that during most of the shows Dave will be accompanied by musical guests:
    The Roots, NaS, Janelle Mone, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, and DJ Premier. After all, back in 2005 Chappelle assured his fans of his devotion for music when he released Block Party, the documentary about Chappelle's quest to give free comedy and music to the citizens of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

    And while you're stuck for hours staring at the rotating loading wheel that will decide whether you're lucky enough to attend one of his shows, take a look below at what you could end up missing with the six best musical performances from The Chappelle Show:

    1. Mos Def

    Mos Def is one of those artists who every other artist wants to be. He's got charisma, he's got flow, he's got style and he's got Dave Chappelle as a close friend. He also is awarded double points for being the first musical guest on The Chappelle Show with this iconic in-car freestyle.

    2. Common and Kanye West

    Before Kanye considered himself the next Steve Jobs, he and Common joined forces to establish a serious amount of bragging rights.

    3. DMX

    Normally you'd be able to tell that DMX is on the stage because of all the barking. But when DMX performed for Chappelle almost every bark was omitted. Sure, there was still some loud growling. But what was left to stand was the intense energy of the rapper and his hype men. Not to mention that he played nearly every one of his hits.

    4. The Roots

    When Dave Chappelle announces The Roots, he calls them "one of the most innovative bands in Hip-Hop." We second that motion.

    5. Wyclef Jean

    One of the founding members of The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, arrived on The Chappelle Show to give a very important announcement regarding what he'd do if he was elected into office. And considering all the disorder involving politicians these days, it doesn't seem like that big of a stretch.

    6. Talib Kweli and John Legend

    Usually when two separately amazing musicians link up something otherworldly happens. Well, this situation is no different. Beautifully accompanied by John Legend's R&B ooh's and ahh's, Talib Kweli recites some of hip-hop's most inspirational lyrics.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Tupac Shakur writes his most prolific work to date.

    And this.

    Are you gonna buy these TICKETS or does Wayne Brady half to smack a bitch?

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