T.G.I.Mixtape 112 - Summer 2011
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    There isn't much to say besides this: ten songs you will never regret putting on blast during the summer. Mix a caipirinha, put on your beach-bum-best and hit play.

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    1. "New Direction" - Black Lips - Arabia Mountain

    The Black Lips and their Mark Ronson-produced, sixties-soaked garage rock is the perfect match for your gas grill. If this doesn't make you want to pound beers and run around in sprinklers, we don't know what does.

    2. "Go Outside" - Cults - Cults

    The instructions to this song are built in. It's already one of the quintessential, lazy summer '11 tunes.

    3. "Eyes Be Closed" - Washed Out - Within and Without

    No summer playlist will be complete without one of chillwave's first men standing.

    4. "Ice Cream (Ft. Matias Aguayo)" - Battles - Gloss Drop

    OK so Battles' summer anthem is a little odd, but at least they got their subject right... not to mention the fair weather bubbliness of their riffs. We dare you to not have fun.

    5. "Up Up Up" - GIVERS - In Light

    Another anthemic staple bound to be on everyone's summer jammy collections. Added bonus: see them do it for real in our exclusive session.

    6. "Same Mistake" - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Hysterical

    Anticipation for the new CYHSY record in September will be manifested in the form of gratuitous summer replays of the first single, an upbeat sunshiney bit of pop meant for top-down road trips that fills the void of the classic Killers jams we've already overplayed.

    7. "Beth/Rest" - Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver

    The most debated, strangest Bon Iver cut off his new record is also the most appropriate for your Tom Cruise in Cocktail drinking-on-the-beach open-shirt moments.

    8. "The Bay" - Metronomy - The English Riviera

    The "exotic traveling" tune, complete with funky backbeats and neon-light keyboard riffs. It feels so good! (Note the album cover is a palm tree.) Oh and check out the music video.

    9. "Pumped Up Kicks" - Foster The People - Torches

    You knew it was coming, the horse that everyone (including Baeble) is betting their summer on. Fingered as a buzz band time and again over the past few months, and hitting festivals across the country all summer, this song is sure to be taking up some real estate in your cranium for the warm weather weeks ahead.

    10. "Toast To Life" - Jim-E-O - Toast To Life

    The obligatory over-the-top boat banger. Anyone who hit up our SXSW Hip-hop showcase (or has been to our office or has hung out with any of us for more than ten minutes) knows the name of this local Austin rapper. He wowed us with his simple, yet universally applicable catch-phrase, and we've adopted it for just about everything. Not just an anthem for summer, but for life in general. To quote one of our own: "I want Jim-E-O doing 'Toast To Life' at my funeral." THAT GOOD.

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