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    • THURSDAY, JUNE 17, 2010

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    Post-hardcore outfit Les Savy Fav (who we caught all the way back in '07 on their tour for Let's Stay Friends) are returning with a new album in September. Looks like they finally took a break from their...what's the right word... colorful live shows (see photo evidence above) to record some new music.

    Catch one of said live shows at the Northside festival in a few weeks and check out the tracklist of Root For Ruin below. -ben krusling

    Root for Ruin:
    1. Appetites
    2. Dirty Knails
    3. Sleepless in Silverlake
    4. Let's Get Out of Here
    5. Lips n' Stuff
    6. Poltergeist
    7. High and Unhinged
    8. Excess Engergies
    9. Dear Crutches
    10. Calm Down
    11. Clear Spirits

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    Les Savy Fav on Myspace

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