• FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    Baio is out with a new single off of his forthcoming sophomore record Man of the World. The album is the follow up to his 2015 album The Names, his first solo endeavor after leaving indie pop/rock band Vampire Weekend. He recently announced the album would be released June 30th and the first single, "PHILOSOPHY!" gave us a taste of his quirky, electronic sounds.

    "DANGEROUE ANAMAL" continues his usual style, with bouncy synths and poppy instrumentation, but it has a slightly darker tone in comparison to his previous tracks. "Dangerous animal, the waste of the world is palpable," he sings. Interesting take there. We're pretty excited to hear where the rest of the album goes.

    Also check out our session with Baio:

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