Lizzo Works It at Webster Hall
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    After a short single minute chant of "Liz-zo! Liz-zo!" the Minneapolis based rapper/singer strutted on stage in a bedazzled, long sleeve one-piece. Beside her stood two stage dancers, also sporting one piece (not bedazzled) gymnastic-esque suits. What ensued was 70 minutes of Lizzo bars, Lizzo butt, and, of course, Lizzo bangers.

    Her second track of the set, the club-banger "Phone" from her latest EP Coconut Oil, literally invited the audience to document her scantily clad buttocks as she turned around and exclaimed "I want y'all to take your phones out and take a picture of my ass." Songs such as "Phone," "Humanize," and "Ain't I" had Webster Hall bouncing to bass, snare, and Lizzo's sassed up mash up of singing and rhyming. Each song incorporated choreographed movements for the stage dancers and Lizzo, which resulted in twerking galore.

    Halfway through her set, the Detroit-born artist debuted a new song that deserves serious radio time. Following an official release, expect a Lizzo track featuring an acoustic guitar and sincere lyrics about turning self doubt into self love to soar on the charts.

    Lizzo's show continued and concluded on a more serious note, as she stated that "Any Lizzo concert is a safe space." She continued onto a pitch-soaring chorus on "Worship" and what felt like a legitimate scream and a wavering cry on "Coconut Oil."

    She exited the stage for a brief minute and returned for an encore of "Good As Hell", the title of her tour, which continues tonight in Washington, D.C.

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