IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Lorde - "Writer In The Dark"

    Lorde's very highly anticipated sophomore LP Melodrama just dropped today. Well technically, it dropped last night. I know because I went out last night for a few drinks and then when I came home I started listening to it and let's just say I needed a clear mind to fully take it in. Pretty sure I texted my mom confused, saying "it sounds like gibberish!" There are… A lot of words. But now I'm realizing it's amazing and Lorde is a fantastic lyricist (not a new realization, but she has solidified it as a fact). It's hard to choose a favorite song right now, but in "Writer In The Dark," there's a line in the chorus, "I love you ‘til you call the cops on me" and I mean, who CAN'T relate to that slightly-psychopathic-but-totally-true line? Plus, this new falsetto she's debuting makes my heart ache.

    Portugal. The Man - "Rich Friends"

    We're all really digging Portugal. The Man in the office right now. We recently featured "Rich Friends" as our Song of the Day and now their album Woodstock is officially out. The production is top notch and it's such feel-good music, which makes it perfect for a Friday.

    Feist - "A Man Is Not His Song"

    Oh man, oh man. Where do I begin? Before all of the new albums came out today, all I've been listening to this week is Feist's latest album Pleasure after seeing her live at the Town Hall. Every track on there is fantastic, like "Get Not High, Get Not Low," "Any Party," and "I'm Not Running Away," but I pick a new favorite to spin in rotation every day, and today it's "A Man Is Not His Song." Shortly after the male vox come in, Leslie Feist breaks into this outstanding, strong melody that I'm pretty sure I could listen to on a loop for the rest of my life. Simply put, Feist just sounds like instant happiness... Calmness. Even when she's upset.


    "Submission (feat. Danny Brown and Kelela)" - Gorillaz

    My favorite off of Humanz. Once again proves that Danny Brown can spit on anything.

    "Two Toes" - Palm

    A fun, disorientating track from their new EP, which dropped today! Check out its shoegazey interlude mid-song.

    "No Eyes" - Donny McCaslin

    A very modern jazz excerpt from the man and his band who helped create David Bowie's Blackstar album. YouTube a live version for a real treat.


    Dawes - "One of Us"

    I recently went home to Pittsburgh just in time to catch Dawes at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. I liked "One Of Us" before the show, but Dawes gave it a new energy for the live performance, so I've been cueing it up for the last week. You really can't beat that guitar line.

    Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

    The first time I heard this song, I wanted to yell out an emphatic "Yes!" in agreement with the chorus. I was walking across an otherwise calm college campus and didn't want to make a spectacle, so I instead settled for playing the song on repeat and trying to convince my friends that this is the new anthem.

    Masego - "Girls That Dance"

    Sax solos, dancing, and lyrics about having too much fun to check your phone. I have been obsessed with this song for over a year now, making it my longest running relationship to date.


    Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"

    I've been revisiting my favorite Arcade Fire albums a lot since "Everything Now" came out, and The Suburbs is easily the one that gets me the most. The title track is so haunting. Possibly my favorite song of theirs.

    Fiona Apple - "Werewolf"

    If Fiona Apple releases a new album sometime before I die, I will be a happy camper. I am a huge fan, and I think "Werewolf" is one of her best. "Nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key." So good!

    Nine Inch Nails - "In Two"

    I wasn't the biggest fan of Hesitation Marks when it came out in 2013, but I still think there are a few highlights worth checking out. "In Two" is one of those. I'd actually say it's one of Trent Reznor's most engrossing tracks. Plus, Lindsey Buckingham on the guitar? Come on, of course it's awesome!


    Elliott Smith - "Independence Day"

    The transition from 1997's Either/Or to 1998's XO was the most stark of Elliott Smith's career. While the former was a lo-fi, predominantly self-recorded venture, the latter offers higher production quality and a vastly expanded palate of sounds. Of course, not every song on XO relied on these new sonic elements. Some songs simply lived on Smith's astounding songwriting skills, "Independence Day" being a prime example. The lovely finger-picked acoustic guitar, soft electric piano and melancholy harmonies work together to compliment Smith's emotive lyrics.

    Mac DeMarco - "Only You"

    Long before Mac was the King of Slacker Rock, he was just a young Canadian trying to make it (like Seth Rogan, but less hairy). Preceding 2012's breakthrough 2 was so-called mini-album Rock and Roll Night Club, where Mac offered unadulterated quirkiness at every opportunity. The odd tunings and wacky vocals show what made Mac who he is today, and "Only You" in particular displays Mac's longtime obsession for simple love songs.

    Danny Brown - "Golddust"

    Danny Brown's most recent LP Atrocity Exhibition was named after a Joy Division song of the same name. Brown didn't crossover to post-punk on this record, but the energy and darkness of the seminal Mancunian band undeniably impacted Brown. Like many tracks featured on Brown's fourth record and throughout his discography, "Golddust" focuses on Brown's excessive drug habits. But the true highlight of the song is the sinister beat, which features a ridiculous Embryo-sampled hook and a sample of Joy Division's "Atrocity Exhibition." "Golddust" shows 2016 Danny Brown as lyrically consistent and most sonically progressive.


    Kanye West - "We Major"

    This seven minute masterpiece is probably his best songs off of one of his best albums, Late Registration. Anytime I hear it I get really hyped. And you can still jam out to it even if you're not a Yeezus fan.

    Benji Hughes - "Freaky Feedback Blues"

    This is one of those songs that I don't really remember when or how I first heard it but I keep it on anytime it pops up on shuffle. Even though this guy has more music, I like to think that it's his one hit.

    Nicotine's Famous Honey - "Pull Up"

    I've been really digging this group lately because I was a big fan of one of their other songs. However this song came out about a month ago and it's the perfect combo of relaxed R&B and soul music without being overly old school.
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