Now Playing: Ron Pope's Stunning Solo Session in Austin
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Ron Pope's newest album is a rollicking wave of ramshackle country, folk, rock and roll, and soul. It's the kind of album that might have you reaching for another shot of bourbon or pushing the speedometer just a little further than you should or have you hooting and hollering (can one hoot and not holler? Are these two different things? We're not sure...) to its classic Americana hooks. The Georgia born, NYC bred artist had a whole vision when he went to record it...something we decided to utterly destroy in our newest session captured at EAR Studios in Austin TN.

    OK, we embellish a bit...we didn't actively set out to break Pope's neon-lit, inebriated, juke joint sing-alongs down. SXSW is a crazy place and half of Pope's band had other musical commitments during Pope's 10AM Session with us. And yes, we just said a 10AM SXSW. Now that is a professional my friends. But Pope brought us three sparse yet emotionally saturated musical moments, dusting off acoustic renditions of "Hotel Room" and "Lies and Cigarettes", as well as a warm and woozy version of "One Shot of Whisky" on the studio's Wurlitzer electric piano. In between songs, Pope gave us the run-down on how these songs were born and what he hoped to accomplish with his new record; an album he calls, "a love letter to American music". It's informative and emotional...think that means we're giving you everything that you need with our newest session from Ron Pope.

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