Mumford and Sons Do Africa Like The Bosses That They Are
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Jenny Pedraza

    Tomorrow, UK rock band, Mumford & Sons will be releasing their highly anticipated, 5-track studio mini-album that they recorded with some of the most accomplished musicians in Africa. Along with Baab Maal, Beatenburg and The Very Best, the four-piece recorded their forthcoming effort over the course of two days and two nights in a small studio in the South African city of Johannesburg; fitttingly titling the collection, Johannesburg.

    Paired with Mumford's heartening melodies, Johannesburg gives a sense of artistic pluralism and universal kinship. Without compromising their unique, respective musical styles, the varying instrumental textures and harmonies are truly exceptional. The end result is far from contrived, with a fusion of sounds that blend seamlessly and yet distinctively together.

    While some bands are resistant to change and other force it, Mumford and Sons are one of those rare pioneers who attempt something different, and still stay true to their sound. We hope that tomorrow's release of Johannesberg will inspire other equally talented acts to reach out to their creative limits, and push passed them.

    Check out our review of a few tracks from the album below:

    There Will Be Time
    "There Will Be Time" is a thrilling opening track. In some strange way, it's almost better we can't understand what Baab Maal is singing. It allows us to experience the beauty and strength of his voice.

    Out of all the songs on the EP, this is the one that has Marcus Mumford written all over it. Paired with the band's instantly recognizable fits of banjo, Marcus's vocals are a powerful force throughout. It's a good mix of traditional folk with a little afro-pop flare and makes me want to shimmy my shoulders, or at least attempt to.

    Fool You've Landed
    Heartwarming vocals, soft drums and strings..."Fool You've Landed" is a remake of a demo that never appeared on Mumford's '15 album, Wilder Minds. Through Esaus' sweet vocals, you can hear The Very Best's Jazzy-Malawian influence.

    Si Tu Veux
    So much passion! This is the kind of song you might imagine being played in a dimly lit was probably recorded in one. A truly teary-eyed experience.

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