3 Punk Bands That Prove Hardcore Punk Isn't Dead in 2016
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Evan Jake Goldstein


    Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only will perform on stage together for the first time in 30 years as part of this year's Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago as the Misfits. Danzig has revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone what motivated the reunion, Its been a shock to see so many musicians dying this year, a lot of them weren't really that old. David Bowie's death came out of the blue, as did Princes. And I've said it before with Peter Steele and Dio: If you're a music fan, you think these artists will be here forever, but you shouldn't take a minute for granted because you never know what will happen. You've got to enjoy it and let it happen before everybody dies. He promises the performances will be 'Incredible," so I don't think this will be just a phoned-in cash grab. It also seems like this reunion is genuinely for the sake of the fans, so props to them for doing it for all the right reasons. He also promises the performances will be "Incredible," so I don't think this will be just a phoned-in cash grab. VIA


    Descendents announced their first new album in 12 years,Hypercaffium Spazzinate, along with the single Victim of Me, earlier this month. Now, the punk legends have confirmed a list of U.S. tour dates spanning September through November. They are touring with fantastic groups like Modern Baseball, Fucked Up, Bully, and Beach Slang, and will be sharing the bill with Misfits at Riot Fest.


    I'm not sure if you're already aware of this, but if you aren't, I get you up to speed real quick. Basically after Henry Rollins (their best-known frontman, who spearheaded the band circa Damaged left Black Flag, there have been various members from various lineups formed and reformed under various names, all playing Black Flag music. FLAG is my choice for the most authentic of these reincarnations. It features original (pre-Rollins) Black Flag frontman Keith Morris (also of Circle Jerks and OFF!), original Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski, Black Flag guitarist and third vocalist Dez Cadena (who is also a former member of Misfits), Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton, and Bill Stevenson (who has played drums for pretty much every significant punk band at some point.) Overall, the lineup is pretty stacked. I'd certainly chose FLAG over the 'band currently known as Black Flag, (which is basically Greg Ginn and friends) any day! VIA

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