Digisaurus' New Unsettling Music Video
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    It feels like the three-piece future-pop rock group that is Digisaurus is hiding something. We haven't heard much from them even though the way they bring modern soulful rock rhythms to funky 70's vocals is something satisfyingly smooth. With the upcoming release of their first EP, their new video for "Without Me" shares this mysterious feeling. We never quite get a good look at the group as their images are overlaid, distorted and manipulated over various surfaces and body parts. This creates something very unsettling, a feeling that agrees with the disquieting lyrics. The guitar screeches and wails along with the vocals, but we never get to see either clearly. Digisaurus may keep things hidden here, but the sound is more than present and "Without Me" is one powerful track.

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