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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 2010

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    Everything about Mountain Man is weird and off-kilter. The "man" is actually three woman, from the woods of Vermont, who sing folk-sy tunes with a raw, unpolished edge and write some interesting and odd lyrics. But I have to admit, their opening set for Junip was mesmerizing, and their tunes have a magic about them that is difficult to qualify. Listen to "Soft Skin" from their debut record, Made The Harbor, after the jump.

    "Soft Skin":

    audio player

    This one got me in the live setting... I couldn't believe they had the balls to do a baroque style round a cappella (but I should have known):

    Yeah, weird. Super weird. But kind of cool, isn't it? Their slightly off-harmonies emote a kind of wood-sy honesty that really gels with their folk, and I'm totally into it. Made The Harbor is out 7/20. For now, stream the EP here. -joe puglisi

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