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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2009

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    22-year-old Randy Chabot has a vision; a rainbow particle painted, experimental pop, tiny invisible robots orchestrating, vision that has become the sound behind the Detroit based, full fledged band Deastro. Deastro brought their sprinkles of dreamy fantasy, electronic pop, weighted down to earth with melodies and heartfelt lyrics, to the Baeble Guest Apartment.

    Packing synthesizers and a long lashed, big eyed duck hat (yes, really), Randy Chabot, accompanied (in spirit) by Jeff Supina, Mark Smak, and Brian Connelly translated some of the whimsical space pop from their new album Moondagger to real life, wrapped in Christmas lights and transfixed by digital instruments that support a fraction of Deastro's optimistic electropop. Watch their performance and get blissfully transported into their outer space world. - Laura Yan

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    VIDEO: Deastro at The Guest Apartment

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