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    • MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008

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    Part one of our forty part series... just kidding, folks. We will be highlighting a bunch of the bands playing this week at After The Jump Fest; the first of which hail from the home of the fest, Brooklyn. They recently played a free show with Apes and Androids, but they've also shared the stage with bands like The Hold Steady and The National. Say hello to The Forms.

    The guys have a nice brand of dreamy post-rock, that sounds as clean as Death Cab with more imagination and space. Their debut LP Icarus was a pretty huge success for the relatively unknown Brooklynites. It was produced by the legendary Steve Albini, of Nirvana and Pixies fame. But this is not grunge, it's a glossed over pop fantasy, accessible to several different crowds, but still appealing in it's own right. Their second release, self-titled, finds them taking their creativity to new and unique places. Albini admitted he'd never worked with such perfectionists, who once "went over one piece of tape 58 times." The attention to detail shows. "Knowledge In Hand," featured below, is the perfect example of the balance between soft and loud that's really well done in the music. It's got great instrumentals, and frontman Alex Tween crooning, and then taking it home in a voice that's got power, but still sounds vulnerable and human (without being whiny or suicidal...or both). -joe puglisi

    The Forms at After The Jump
    6/21 - Catch The Forms at 4 PM on the MHOW stage (for free!)

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    MP3: The Forms:: “Knowledge In Hand” - The Forms
    The Forms on Myspace

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