IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    It's Friday...and you know what that means. It's time to check out the soundtrack of our week.

    Half Waif - "Silt"
    I admit I'm a little biased. My buddy Adan is in this band but it doesn't change the fact that this is a beautiful project lead by the soothing voice of Nandi Rose Plunkett and backed by synthy melodies and great percussion.

    Jack Johnson, Matt Costa - "Let It Be Sung" ft. Zach Gill, Dan Lebowitz, Steve Adams
    It's summertime, everyone needs a little Jack Johnson in their life. Plus I'm psyched to see him for the first time at Sea. Hear. Now. Fest in Asbury Park in September.

    Sigrid - "Focus"
    Sigrid's stunning song, "Focus (Demo)" just dropped today. When I found out that the stripped-back, piano-filled track was recorded in just one take I practically swooned at my desk.

    Troye Sivan - "Dance To This" Ft. Ariana Grande
    I think the internet broke for a second when "Dance To This" was released on Wednesday. Also, Wednesday was my birthday, so "Dance To This" was the best gift I could've ever asked for. The simple 90's pop song will be my summer anthem.

    Jorja Smith & Preditah - "On My Mind"
    Jorja is undeniably next. This is a hot take...but she's like the 2018 Amy Winehouse. And with a little help from Kendrick Lamar and Drizzy Drake, she's blowing up everywhere. Her new project dropped last week, Lost and Found, but I always come back to this track. It's definitely the track that instantly made me a huge fan.

    SHAED - "Silver Knife"
    "Silver Knife" is the catchiest song I've heard in a long time and I become weirdly obsessed after the first listen. Sometimes I start to feel like all the songs I listen to are about the same fluffy things: love, relationships, you know. So this one mixes it up a bit for me (it's about murder...).

    Gorillaz - "Sorcererz"
    I take a great deal of comfort in Damon Albarn -- errr, Murdoc's -- voice. There's something about it, man! And Gorillaz will forever be linked to that summer after studying abroad in London in 2001. That's when their debut album followed me back across the pond and soundtracked many late nights drinking and wishing I was still in England.

    John Mayer - "New Light"
    Forget the video! Which is amazing. The song works on it's own. It's so light and fun and perfect for sipping rosé and soaking up some summer rays.

    KIDS SEE GHOSTS - "Cudi Montage"
    I've had a soft spot for Cudi forever, and I'm glad he's back. His absence over the past couple of years has been well-documented. This first verse on "Cudi Montage" is vintage, essential Mescudi. It's ushered in by a sample of Cobain's famous guitar. He's a different kind of rapper, and he has a knack for using simple, old-fashioned lyrics and simple beats to touch on really big things. "Pain in my eyes, in the time I find, I'm stronger than I ever was." This isn't a cash grab. This isn't sensationalism. This is just Cudi being Cudi. It might not dominate the radio, but this will be a very important song for a lot of people for a long time.

    HAERTS - "Hope" (Live on KEXP)

    This song is especially good live (I know that's super annoying to say, but it's true). It's the first song Nini and Ben wrote together, and although the song is carried by its ambiance, when the hook hits, it hits you hard. You can tell this song means a lot to them, as it should. It's fantastic.

    Mansionair - "Violet City"
    This track has been burning up the stereo in the car on my early morning drives.

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