THROWBACK THURSDAY: KEXP Seattle Presents: Portugal. The Man
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Don't you love it when Throwback Thursday reminds you that an awesome band is coming out with a new album tomorrow? Well, I do. I love it when there just so happens to be a relevant concert in our archives (partly because it makes my job easier, but that's not the point). The point is that, because Portugal. The Man's new album, Woodstock, comes out tomorrow, I have a great excuse to dig up this fantastic performance of theirs!

    Back in April, 2011, a couple months before the release of their album, In the Mountain in the Cloud, Portugal. The Man performed this acoustic set at the Ace Hotel. From their first performance, "So American," you'll be hooked. It's a catchy tune about widespread American closed-mindedness… you know, not a relevant song at all right now, huh? "There's two eyes for everyone of us," goes the song's lyrics, "but someone got there first and took them all." In between the performances, be sure to learn more about the band's process in a couple segments from our insightful interview. They talked with us about the group's origins, which began in Alaska with "a bunch of Alaskan guys. But a few guys quit, they wanted to actually make money."

    Here's a group that melds their influences into their own unique personality. This performance also serves as proof that, even when the group's sound is slightly stripped-down, their songwriting remains just as excellent behind all the glitter and glamour.

    Also, listen to their excellent new song, "Rich Friends" here, our recent Song of the Day, if you need even more help getting excited for tomorrow's release!

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