The Killers Fall Short of an Epic Comeback with 'The Man'
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    After about five years of silence, the band that brought a beam of light to the late 2000's by asking the ultimate philosophical question (still not sure if I'm a human or a dancer) is back with a new single. The Killers' latest release, "The Man" doesn't make quite the impact that the title foreshadows. Brandon Flowers' repeated insistence that, "I got gas in the tank/ I got money in the bank/ I got news for you baby/ You're looking at The Man" is intended to shatter The Killers' five year hiatus from making music together and plant the band squarely back on the top of the charts with their leather jackets shining and their hands on their hips. Unfortunately, some rough vocal moments and a few lyrics that make you think "huh?" lurk in this song, waiting to trip up the Killers' full force comeback, which promises to include a fifth studio album whose release date is unknown.

    The forceful vocals Brandon Flowers adopts on this track occasionally slide into an adolescent crackle that departs from the iconic, endearingly hopeless voice that sang the hits of 2k. "The Man" hits its low point when Flowers sets himself up to deliver a knockout punch of a line with "Baby I'm gifted/ You'll see what I mean" but instead swings and misses, shouting "USDA certi-fied lean!" Wait. Play that back. least it's federally approved?

    Even with a few awkward moments, "The Man" is a catchy pump-up jam with enough volume and ego to make you feel like a badass on a bad day. It will most likely end up on my workout playlist so I can confidently be the only woman in the back room of the gym, bolstered by Flowers singing, "Them other boys? I don't give a damn".

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