NOW PLAYING: Vancouver Sleep Clinic's Soothing Session at Baeble HQ
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    Summer pop hits are great for dancing your heart out on a Saturday night or singing at the top of your lungs while you make dinner on the infrequent occasions that your roommate isn't home. (Don't pretend you don't do it.) But sometimes the rare solitude in your apartment inspires introspection instead of turning you into a pop/R&B mogul or you just need something a little more mellow to accompany your morning commute or your time sitting directly in the path of the only fan in your living room on a sweltering hot afternoon. Up-and-coming ambient band Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the perfect selection for either of these less exuberant summer moments.

    VSC is deceptively not Canadian. Tim Bettinson, lead vocalist and mastermind behind composing much of the band's music is from Brisbane, Australia and picked the name without ever having visited Vancouver simply because it looked like a beautiful place. The natural beauty of Canada is a perfect metaphor for the soaring yet calming music that characterizes VSC, which is comprised of Bettinson plus Aaron Moore on keys.

    Bettinson recorded Vancouver Sleep Clinic's first EP, Winter, as a solo project when he was still in high school, scrawling lyrics on the inside covers of his textbooks. I too was notorious for doodling on school property in my youth, but my art career started and ended in the Pennsylvania public school system while Bettinson's recordings of songs like "Vapour" and "Flaws" got thousands of hits on Soundcloud and earned him a devoted group of fans despite minimal commercial promotion. Soon, VSC was performing at popular festivals like SXSW and opening for well-known artists such as London Grammar. This exposure not only helped the band gain recognition and grow their faithful fan base, but also led to some of the songs on their 2016 album, Revival.

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic stopped by Baeble HQ during their North American tour with Revival, which marks the band's first time in the states as a headlining act. Bettinson and Moore filled our studio with floating melodies from their new album, including a rendition of "Killing Me To Love You" that stripped away the studio recording's synth effects and drums to feature the song's emotional lyrics over keys and simple guitar chords. Stay tuned for our session with Vancouver Sleep Clinic later this week so you can check out this unique version of their most powerful song and marvel at how Bettinson's impossibly beautiful falsetto voice somehow sounds even better live than it does on a recording. Until then, find a tranquil place and listen to both Winter and Revival because the only acceptable reason not to love Vancouver Sleep Clinic is that you haven't heard them yet.

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