Arcade Fire Sells Us Satirical Cereal in Commercial-Themed Teaser
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    We're so excited for Arcade Fire's upcoming July release Everything Now, that any little piece of news that comes out has us super pumped. At the beginning of the month while playing Primavera Sound Festival in Spain, the band debuted a new track "Creature Comfort." While low-quality videos of the performance have sufficed so far, we're eager to hear it with the slick production that Arcade Fire has in spades.

    As if we weren't excited enough, the band has now released a 17 second teaser video for the song in the style of a cereal ad. Whatever it is they're selling, we're buying it. The teaser is delicious and sugary satire, advertising a cereal made of "100% marshmallows" with a garnish of methylphenidate. Thankfully, we're given a warning label that clearly states that the cereal must be eaten with nothing less than 2% milk and after we haven't eaten red meat for a week. Makes perfect sense.

    Clearly, Arcade Fire has a lot to say about our current consumer culture. This goes hand in hand with their title track and the overall concept of the album. The visuals feature a cartoon child with eyes that light up bright neon colors, creating an attention grabbing, funny and thought provoking teaser for the seemingly high energy and exhilarating song. With a slogan like "Creature Comfort: Make It Painless," we're sure this track is going to be a part of your balanced breakfast.

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