Mayve Sets Our 'Hearts On Fire'
    • MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I was on vacation in Las Vegas last week. It was pretty great. It was nice to escape the cruel 50 degree beginning of June we'd been having in New York City for sun, poker, and great shows. And one of the great parts of being 26 and in Sin City is that there are plenty of clubs/bars to party at til the sun comes up. I've never been much of a clubber but put enough screwdrivers in me and I'll bust an embarrassing move or two out on the dance floor. And all I could think about as I listened to "Hearts On Fire" by Mayve, which we're premiering today, is how much I want to dance the night away to this track in the near future.

    I listen to so much music that I appreciate more than I enjoy every day, and the sheer, visceral dance-hall delight of the opening synth/percussion of "Hearts on Fire" is remarkable. Taking the ear-burrowing synth melodies of Passion Pit with the vocal haze of Neon Indian, "Hearts On Fire" finds the sweet spot between synthpop bombast and chillwave. It shouldn't really be doable, but Mayve makes it seem effortless.

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