T.G.I.Mixtape 164
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Our brains are still scrambled from a lengthy weekend at Bonnaroo, and we're launching into our backyard Northside Festival tonight, but we've managed to scrape together yet another collection of essential tunes to bump on your Friday. We've got brand new tracks from Radiohead, Mrs. Magician, Passion Pit, Fang Island and more. Click on, sailor.

    Pictured above: jams. GET IT?

    1. "Think About The Days" - The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made The Radio

    The Beach Boys really know how to start things.

    2. "I'll Be Alright" - Passion Pit - Gossamer

    Now THIS sounds like Passion Pit.

    3. "I'm History" - Hunny - I'm History

    Hunny is a neat grungey band from Staten Island playing Northside Festival tonight, so if you're in town, check 'em out.

    4. "Identikit (Live At Coachella)" - Radiohead - Unreleased

    Pulled from the soundboard at Coachella. After seeing this new, unrecorded track a few times (plus "Full Stop" in Chicago) I can safely say that Radiohead have still got it.

    5. "Flutes" - Hot Chip - In Our Heads

    Hot Chip's dance party, even when slowed down, makes Skrillex songs look like a bunch of Fruity Loops.

    6. "Werewolf" - Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel...

    Devastating last line of the chorus. Fiona has been gone too long.

    7. "I Found You" - Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls

    Their Bonnaroo set kept me a believer... these guys will be a festival mainstay for years to come.

    8. "Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings" - Father John Misty - Fear Fun

    Man, is this a good record or what?

    9. "Fool's Paradise" - Mrs. Magician - Fool's Paradise

    My love affair with Mrs. Magician continues with their new 7". I'd say marry me but from their moniker they might already be married?

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